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May News Digest

Hopes for an increase in attendance at the 2017 Offshore Technology Conference and exhibition were dashed when 64,700 attended the world's biggest energy industry event. This was the loest attendance in a decade. When the oil price was hovering around $100 a barrel the 2014 attendance figure reached a record 108,000. But as the oil price plunged attendance at OTC 2016 dropped to 68,000.

In the annual student nursing exchange sponsored by the Grampian-Houston Association and the Houston/Grampian Association two students from Houston Baptist University - Amelia Holt and Celeste Ross - are spending a study visit to Aberdeen from 14-27 May. In September two students from Aberdeen's Robert Gordon University - Kimberley Tosh and Chloe Sangster - will fly to Texas to study healthcare provision and nursing education.

Blue Bell Ice Cream is a firm favourite in Texas and is the fourth largest selling ice cream in the U.S. It is now finding a new market at wedding receptions. Newly- weds are serving icre cream with, or sometimes instead of wedding cake. Blue Bell have been selling Groom's Cake flavour ice cream since 2009 and now they have introduced a Bride's Cake flavour - almond ice cream swirled with white cake pieces and amaretto cream chees icing. Groom's Cake flavour consists of choclate ice cream with chocolate cake pieces, chocolate coated strawberry hearts, strawberry sauce and chocolate icing.  Blue Bell, founded in Brenham, Texas in 1907, also offers more than 60 other flavours.